Work and Travel - Trips outside the US

Work and Travel – Trips outside the US

It is already the middle of August 2020. Many of you are getting ready for the travel piece of the Work and Travel – Trips outside the US. That includes trips outside of the US. So you might wonder if leaving the country for a short period is possible or not.
When can you leave the US – plan ahead 

During Work and Travel – trips outside the US should fit between the program dates. If you pass your end date from the DS2019, the border staff will not let you re-enter the country. In other words, crossing the border needs to happen when your program is still active.

For how long can you go

Honestly, it is up to you, but keep in mind that you have to return before your program end date. Otherwise, you will not be able to re-enter the US on this particular visa.

What requirements you need to meet

There are two most important requirements – being in a “good status” and having your paperwork in order. It is up to your Sponsor to confirm that you are in a “good status” and allow you to cross the US border on the round trip.


The most important one is your DS2019 with the approval from your Sponsor. The Sponsor will admit that you are in a “good status” and that they allow you to travel outside the country.

It varies from Sponsor to Sponsor, but the most popular procedure is to send by snail mail your DS2019 to the Sponsors’ HQ and wait for the letter. Instructions should be provided even before your departure, as this is quite an important issue.


Before you go, check if:

  • the comeback will take place before the end of the program
  • you have your DS2019 with the Sponsors’ stamp. 
Have a great trip and an unforgettable summer!
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