Dream tax return

Work and Travel – tax return

After you return to your home country, you have to fill out the tax documents, and usually, you will get a tax return. It is not complicated, but again, it can cause some issues.


Your main document is a W2 form. Based on this document, you can calculate your tax and apply for the money return. W2 covers both State and Federal Tax. This way, the form provides everything you need to claim a refund for your Work and Travel program.

How to claim the tax return

There are two ways of claiming the tax. 


The easiest way is to use one of the agencies of the market. You don’t have to worry much all that for a small fee. In case of any issues, the agency will follow up with the IRS and take care of the problem. 

By yourself 

You can fill out the paperwork on your own and send it directly to the IRS. Keep in mind that in case of any problems, you will have to deal with them on your own. 


Each year some students fill the tax with TurboTax. Unfortunately, TurboTax serves US citizens only, and Work and Travel participants can’t use this service. Using TurboTax by Work and Travel students is illegal!

Relief checks

The TurboTax case was brought to the broader audience when students started to receive the 1200USD relief checks from the US government. In case you have received a check, please follow the instructions from your sponsor! You will have to return money to the US government.

Usually, you get 100% tax return 🙂

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