Work and Travel Sponsors allow you to visit the US under j1 visa

Work and Travel Sponsors – who are they?

Work and Travel Sponsors – Sponsoring Organisations – are the Department of State (DoS) designated, not-for-profit organizations that are responsible for administering the Work and Travel program and participants during participants’ stay in the US. It is Sponsors duty to check such procedural issues as:

  • participant eligibility,
  • completeness of documentation,
  • detection of fraudulent documentation,
  • providing accepted contracts of work,
  • having plans in place when a natural disaster hits your area,
  • providing an alternative workplace in case of any issues,
  • ensure that the workplace and work itself are in line with regulations.

DoS designated 39 organizations and gave them the power to issue DS2019 – The Certificate of Eligibility. We will talk about DS2019 in the details in other posts.

Department of State currently paused the admission of the new Work and Travel Sponsors. That means that the number will stay for some time now. This situation only applies for the Work and Travel – you can apply for being a sponsor of other programs if you wish.

Communication with the Sponsors

During your whole work and Travel program, the sponsor maintains communication with you. Sponsors also collect data on where do you stay (physical address), how to reach you (phone number and email), and briefly what are you about (what kind of cultural activities are you a part of). This is all part of the SEVIS – Student and Exchange Visitor Information System.

Reporting to the Sponsors

Work and Travel Sponsors are also responsible for collecting reports from you, both during your stay and post-program. The goal is to improve the program, so the experience in the US is better each season.

Program termination

Important – Sponsors are also the ones that can terminate your Work and Travel program or decline the issuance of DS2019.

The Sponsors are responsible for your safety and outstanding experience in the US.

List of current Sponsors.

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