Work and Travel - how to apply and have great US Summer

Work and Travel – how to apply?

Work and Travel – how to apply? Before you set your foot in the USA, there are few steps to get you overseas! Below is the procedure in the nutshell 🙂

To apply on the Work and Travel you go trough a couple of milestones:

– selecting the Agency and pre-selecting the Employer
– signing the agreement with the Agency and submitting fee
– interview with the Employer
– executing the paperwork (sometimes tones of papers)
– visa interview
– departure to the USA YAY!

After you land, you can start the Work and Travel program and have a blast! Best summer vacation ever!

The fabulous Las Vegas, NV

Details about each step:

Pre-selecting the Agency and the Employer

This is the first and one of the most important steps. You have to decide on the Employer and the Agency. Be aware, to have an interview with the Employer, you have to sign the agreement and submit the fee to the Agency. Also, during the whole process, you will be guided by the Agency that’s why it is crucial to select the best one.

Try to get as much information about the program of the internet as possible. You can spar the info with the previous participants.

Signing the agreement and submitting the payment.

Excellent news! From this moment you are officially a candidate for the Work and Travel program! Make sure you have all the necessary information from the Agency and you did your research around the Employer! Bottom line – you will spend up to FOUR months working there 🙂 

Research is crucial! Be very selective and don’t believe in everything you hear – at the end of the day, the Agency wants to sell as many programs as possible.

Interview with the Employer

It’s good to bear in mind that on the Work and Travel program, the final word on whether you will be accepted or not has the Employer. Make sure to be prepared for the interview – read about the employer, try to get some information, show your determination and positive attitude. I can also recommend having a couple of conversations in English to practice a bit before THE DAY. 

Secondly – there are a couple of ways to have the interview:
– online 
– face to face during the Job Fair event
– based on the resume 

We recommend being cautious when there is no form of chat before the departure.

Executing the paperwork

There is some work to be done and some documents to be filled out 🙂 Depending on the Agency, the form and the number of documents to be filled out may vary. Usually, the Agency will support you during that process. You will have to fill the documents completely and without any false statements. Try not to do it at the last moment as you want to avoid stress

Late application equals a late visa appointment, and that leads to stress. Avoid it! 🙂

It is very wise to fill the paperwork just after getting the confirmation from the Employer about being selected – always try to reduce any possible delays.

Visa interview

Based on the paperwork, you will receive DS2019 – the certificate of eligibility. With DS2019 and a few supporting documents, you will apply for the J-1 Visa. Agency will support you with that and prepare you for that meeting.

Remember – be calm, be honest and get ready to have fun in the USA! 

Departure to the USA

Passport picked up, ticket in the pocket, and bags packed – looks like you are almost ready. 

Very important, before you go to the airport make sure you:
– have packed everything
– are familiar with the arrival procedure to your Employer
– have planned on how to reach from the airport to your Employer
– have enough money to sustain yourself before the first paycheck

Now you are ready to have the extraordinary vacations on the Work and Travel program. Enjoy and bring tones of great memories.

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