Tipped on non-tipped position – what is better?

That is a good question! As you might be aware, during the program you will face two different types of positions. On will have flat pay, and the other will allow earning tips next to the base salary. 

Usually, tipped positions are linked to direct serving the customers. Restaurants, bars, hotels are the usual places where you can have tipped positions. 

Non-tipped positions are the ones at the back of the house – cooks are a great example. Mostly you will not get tips when working in the stores or equipment rentals, operating rides, or as a lifeguard. 

Sometimes tips are being split to other team members, so even back of the house gang is getting extra money. 

Well done room can earn you tips! But it is not a rule.

An interesting fact is that occasionally, for the outstanding job, housekeepers are also tipped. Remember, it is not a regular extra income 🙂 

Lastly, with tips, you should receive around 10%-20% of the bill. But it is always the gesture of the customer. And your pay should not only rely on tips on the Work and Travel program! There has to be some base salary involved!

It is always up to you, wheater you enjoy conversations and interaction with the customers or rather work alone. There are benefits of tipped positions, but you have to fit in with your personality to use this opportunity. 

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