Last years’ students’ situation if the Work and Travel get canceled

Students that are about to graduate in 2020 are in a very unpleasant situation. If they cancel or the program gets canceled you lose your chance to explore the US during the Work and Travel program. Just at the beginning of your careers, this international experience stands out of your resumes.

Why is it so important?

Work and Travel is not only an adventure. It is a life-changing experience that exposes students to the unknown. We have seen students gain more confidence and becoming an adult after the program. A successful adult!

Next to that, your English is polished as you are thrown into the English-speaking environment, and have to speak the language not only at work but almost 24/7.

What can we do?

We believe there is a solution. Let students, based on the documents for Summer 2020, apply for the program in 2021. If a student is eligible today, let Sponsors and the Embassy use the paperwork and issue the visa for Summer 2021. This way, you don’t lose the chance to participate in the program!

It is also crucial for the Embassies to understand this situation and adjust the visa procedures accordingly. Otherwise, that would not make sense. One time exception for the currently already enrolled students.

Let’s act!

We can’t guarantee success, but sitting on our butts will not bring any positive effects! That is why we will prepare the letter to the Department of State asking to consider this one-time exception for the students. Then, we will have to quantify how many of you would be interested in.

After the letter, we will start counting interested participants to provide the numbers to the Department of State.

Stay tuned!

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