Key Players in the Work and Travel program

Who will you meet on Work and Travel

When you are preparing for the program, you might wonder who are the key players that are responsible for the Work and Travel program. In other words, who am I going to meet during the process and the program? 

  1. Agencies
  2. Sponsors
  3. USA Embassies 
  4. Employers
  5. US Department of State

The list is a chronological order of when you will meet these players. Each one of them has a different role during the process of the Work and Travel program, and you will only meet with them during certain steps.

To summarize their responsibilities:
  • Agencies – based in your home country, responsible for providing initial information about the program and helping you with the paperwork and visa process. The main responsibility is to advise, recruit and guide you through the process before you leave the country.
  • Sponsors – their main responsibility is to provide every eligible Participant with DS2019 form and to supervise the program when you step on the US soil and begin the Work and Travel program. 
  • US Embassies – this is where you apply for the J1 visa, crucial to enter the US and begin your Work and Travel program.
  • Employers – this is where you work! Based on the location of your workplace, it is also where predominantly you will be based before starting your great, American trip at the end of the Work and Travel program!
  • US Department of State (DoS) – is a government institution that administers and regulates the program. When there are problems during the program that your Sponsor can’t resolve then, well, DoS can 🙂  

We will elaborate on the details in separate articles. This one summarizes, who you will meet during both your application process and during your Work and Travel program. It is crucial to understand the role of each player. 

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