The Resort is an enterprise that fulfills all the vacationers’ needs. We are talking here not only about accommodation but also about food, entertainment, sports, leisure, party. The hotel is the centerpiece of the Resort, and other amenities might vary.

About Jobs

Resorts provide work opportunities not only in the hotel but also in the other areas of their operations. For the low entry positions jobs, there are two types of positions – Front of the House (FoH) and Back of the House (BoH). 

FoH groups the positions that you will interact with the customers regularly during your shift. You will have to be open, have good communication skills, and be ready to make somebody’s day with your smile! 

BoH groups the positions that don’t require you to interact with the customers regularly. These are the positions connected with taking care of the cleanliness, providing towels, washing dishes, and others. They are often called the Heart of the House.