This website is dedicated to the Work and Travel ecosystem and focus on such topics as travel tips and ideas, development of useful digital tools, employers and offers, procedures and regulations. We encourage you to browse these categories plus your feedback is always welcome.

travel tips

ideas on how to spend your travel period in the USA after the program


search, compare and select the best fitting employer and position

digital tools

how to boost your experience from the screen of your mobile


what? how? why? a simple guide through all of the program nuances

The first participant-centric platform, assisting with the heavy-lifting for global students wishing to work, travel and grow. Our intentions are:

Maximize the experience. Optimize the process. Minimize the stress. No bull.

For over 60 years millions of students visited the USA as Work and Travel participants. Nowadays over 100.000 people annually are taking part in the program. Our goal is to provide all the necessary information to have the best experience during the program

We will be announcing The Digital Tools that are supporting the program here and you will have access to the earliest information around making your program experience better and easier!

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