Youth Travel versus Coronavirus situation is currently in full swing. Countries shutting their borders, cities under quarantine and here are us. Young Travellers that want to spend time on one of many Youth Travel Programs.

I’ve been in a similar situation in 2009. With visa in my passport, bags packed, and… The program was canceled. What was the worse in those times, was the lack of information, certainty, and tones of stress on top of the situation. 

Youth Travel Programs group tens of programs such as Study Abroad, Work and Travel, Abroad Language Courses, Camps and many, many others. All of them are currently in danger. And with endangered programs – us. Either you are on the program or getting ready for the trip, you are in a serious dilemma and lack any certainty. What will upcoming days bring? 

We have been working on the digital project lately, but this situation made us change the direction. Together we can quantify our needs and try to address them. We can monitor the situation, share the knowledge and support each other with any help from institutions we can get. This is the first digital community, where we can act like one!!

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