Coronavirus versus Work and Travel situation

Oh my, oh my! We did not want to admit it, but it seems like the program is in extreme danger!

Current situation

We are currently facing an unprecedented global situation. Closed borders, cities under the quarantine, travel restrictions, problems with returning home from the aborad. On top of that are participants on the Work and Travel program or ready to depart to the USA.

Possible scenarios

We have three scenarios, with different degrees of probability, to take place.

Scenario A – all programs canceled

A possible scenario that Sponsors or Governments will cancel all of the programs this year. Not only Work and Travel but also others such as Study Abroad or Language Courses. As we follow the situation, we believe that under the current circumstances this scenario is more than possible. 

This scenario causes multiple unpleasant, frustrating situations. You might lose the money, miss the opportunity of gaining experience, or growing as a person. For some participants, this year was the last chance to take part in the Work and Travel.

Scenario B – some programs canceled

In this scenario, some of the programs will take place, and some others will not. Endangered are the ones that have start planned for the near future, such as Summer Work and Travel (only two months till kick-off!). I could imagine Study Abroad to happen or some winter language courses, but not Work and Travel. We have to bear in mind that the start of the program depends not only on the travel restrictions but on other factors such as the global economy, pandemic threat levels, etc.

Scenario C – programs postponed

Yeah, right… It is around two months for the start of the Summer Work and Travel. Such a late start would make the programs very short, and I doubt that would exceed your expectations. That is rather unlikely for the Work and Travel program. For some other program – maybe.

Our opinion

Based on both life experience and experience from running the program for 12 years, I think that this year the program will not take place. It can be either canceled by the Department of State or Sponsors. I think that the first option is more likely.

We keep fingers crossed for the program!

Problems participants are facing

Participants that are currently on the Work and Travel Program

There might be some students on the Spring Work and Travel Program. Main issues that might happen are:

  • early end of the program 
  • stuck in the USA
  • losing a job or housing 
  • problems with going back home 

Let us know if you might be affected by any of the above! Here is the link to the form.

Participants prior to the Work and Travel Program

This is the worst time a traveler might ever be stuck in. The lack of certainty and no control over the situation is extremely frustrating. What is going to happen if the program will not take place? How will it affect the vacation and travel plans? Lastly, how will it affect your personal growth and financial situation?

Money, money

This situation, no matter what, impacts your financial situation because:

  • you have to wait for if any refund of the program fees
  • some already paid for the visa appointment
  • some already have a ticket
  • you will not make money on the program 

Let’s figure out what can be done! 

What can we do together

  • Monitor the situation
  • Quantify our problems!
  • Inform the World about our situation 
  • Stay together (but at home!)

This is serious! We will be back on Monday! Keep in touch. Stay safe!

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