Sponsor: CSB International

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Website: https://csb-usa.com/

Location: Bay Shore, NY

Programs in the US: Summer Work and Travel


Contact e-mail: info@csb-usa.com 


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Founded in 1997, CSB International, Inc. (CSB) is a cultural exchange organization designated by the United States Department of State as a sponsor for the J-1 Summer Work Travel and Trainee Exchange Visitor Programs. This allows us to offer cross-cultural activities that will expose our program participants to the American society, culture and institutions while abetting them to share their own language, culture and history with the American people. 

Our mission is to encourage the development of mutual awareness, respect, concern and trust among people from different nations. What a great goal to have as our standard of operation in bringing people of the world closer together.


Sponsor: CICD – Center for International Career Development
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Website: https://www.cicdgo.com/

Location: Seattle, WA

Programs in the US: Summer Work and Travel, Internship and Training, Teach in the USA


Contact e-mail: swt@cicdgo.com 

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Headquartered in Seattle, WA (USA),  Center for International Career Development (CICD) provides university students, graduates, and young professionals with opportunities for practical career training abroad.  Since 1997, CICD has provided thousands of participants with affordable J-1 visa and other internship and cultural programs, offering excellent personal service, program monitoring, and support. CICD is a U.S. Department of State designated J-1 Visa sponsor organization for the Intern, Trainee, Summer Work Travel, and Teacher Exchange Visitor Program categories.

Let CICD help you internationalize your career or business!

Dynamic Global Exchange

Sponsor: Dynamic Global Exchange
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Website: http://www.dynamicglobalexchange.com/

Location: Bingham Farms, MI

Programs in the US: Summer Work and Travel, Internship and Training


Contact e-mail: deb@dynamicglobalexchange.com 

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Dynamic Global Exchange was designated by the U. S. Department of State as a sponsor in the Intern, the Summer Work and Travel, and the Training programs in early 2009.  When approached by any agency regarding the J-1 programs, it is most important to determine that agency bears this honorable distinction. Only “designated sponsors” have the authority to produce the necessary immigration documents required by the U.S. Embassies and Consulates to apply for a J-1 visa.  Only “designated sponsors” have been thoroughly vetted by the U.S. Department of State assuring, among other things, the agency is meticulously knowledgeable regarding ALL aspects of the J-1 programs. NOT working directly with a designated sponsor adds additional layers of cost and unnecessary operations which impede the availability of assistance and responsiveness for both participants and for hosting companies.


Sponsor: AHA – American Hospitality Academy
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Website: https://www.americanhospitalityacademy.com/

Location: Summerland Key, FL

Programs in the US: Summer Work and Travel, Internship and Training


Contact e-mail: manager@AmericanHospitalityAcademy.com 

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For more than 25 years AHA has helped thousands of students and young professionals, from around the world gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in today’s interconnected world while fostering international goodwill, mutual understanding, and friendship. AHA is authorized by the U.S. Department of State as an Exchange Visitor Program Sponsor for three categories: Intern, Trainee, Summer Work, and Travel. AHA is passionate about enriching lives and creating a better world through cultural exchange and professional development.


Sponsor: WISE – The Foundation for Worldwide International Student Exchange
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Website: http://www.wisefoundation.com/

Location: Dyersburg, TN

Programs in the US: Summer Work and Travel, Internship and Training, Highschool


Contact e-mail: wise@wisefoundation.com 

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The Foundation for Worldwide International Student Exchange® (WISE®) is a non-profit organization providing international exchange opportunities to students, youth and adults. We are staffed by dedicated, enthusiastic team members with years of experience in working with international exchange. WISE staff are well qualified to assist program participants in all phases of the program in order to ensure a meaningful and memorable experience.


Sponsor: GeoVisions
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Website: https://www.geovisions.com/

Location: Portsmouth, NH

Programs in the US: Summer Work and Travel, Teach in the USA


Contact e-mail: info@geovisions.com 

Short description:

We’re New Englanders at heart and are proud of our heritage. The early settlers of New England were strongly convicted and bonded in their beliefs. Their pioneering spirit, and commitment to their values and to one another, brought about revolutionary changes, shaping a country united in its passions.

At GeoVisions, our values are foundational to who we are and how we serve.


Sponsor: ACES – A Cultural Exchange Service
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Website: https://dealwithaces.com/

Location: Riverview, FL

Programs: Camp Counselors, Summer Work and Travel 


Contact e-mail: info@dealwithaces.com

Short description:

ACES is a US Department of State designated sponsor for the summer work travel and camp counselor programs. We have assisted thousands of foreign nationals in their pursuit of a cultural exchange experience in the United States.


Sponsor: Greenheart Exchange
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Website: https://greenheartexchange.org/

Location: Chicago, IL

Programs in the US: Summer Work and Travel, Internship and Training, Teach in the USA, Highschool


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Greenheart Exchange is committed to cultivating leaders from all around the world through exchange programs in the United States.


Sponsor: CENET – Cultural Exchange Network
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Website: https://www.cenet.org/

Location: Cape Girardeau, MO

Programs in the US: Summer Work and Travel, Camp Counselor, Internship and Training 


Contact e-mail: cenet@cenet.org

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Short description:

Do you want to see the world as others see it? Do you have a passion for a greater purpose? Good. You are our kind of people.

It’s no longer the transportation or even the destination that matters. It’s the experience. Those brief and life-changing moments that will forever challenge you to create a better world. If you’re ready to start your adventure, we are here to help you write your story abroad.

For more than 20 years, we have provided opportunities to experience world cultures. We are authorized by the U.S. State Department to sponsor the following exchange visitor programs: Intern, Trainee, Camp Counselor, and Summer Work Travel.

We also oversee The Magellan Exchange, a consortium of universities worldwide offering faculty and student exchange opportunities. Closer to our homes, we operate Culture in the Community (CITC), aiming to provide authentic international education to our area’s youth.

At the end of the day, people need people. That’s where we come in. Cenet is your sponsor, advisor, liaison, travel partner, and ally.

Let’s get started.


Sponsor: IENA – International Exchange of North America

Website: https://www.iena.org/

Location: Hackettstown, NJ

Programs in the US: Summer Work and Travel, Camp Counselor 


Contact e-mail: info@iena.org 

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Short description:

International Exchange of North America (IENA), a world leader in cultural exchange, was established in 1995 by Jim Buck and Anna Crew, two pioneers in international cultural exchange, to arrange reciprocal international work exchange programs to and from the USA. Based in the USA, we are a mission-driven, high quality, and affordable provider of International programs throughout the world. 

3 Adventures International Camp Staff were a young, fresh and fast-growing staffing agency who IENA partnered with to sponsor 3 Adventures participants. 

IENA and 3 Adventures had a blossoming partnership for 6 seasons, based on strong beliefs in cultural exchange and the participants experience.  3 Adventures and IENA merged in 2016. 

IENA’s current leadership is now formed from the 3 Adventures owners who learned and continue to learn best practices from Jim and Anna.  It was important to Jim and Anna that the flame be passed on to individuals who share their passion and belief in the J-1 program and it’s goals.  We are honored to be part of IENA’s history. 

Jim and Anna still serve as advisers to the management team of IENA and are still involved with the organization.  With the wealth of knowledge and experience they have acquired, they continue to act as our guidance.