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Basic Work and Travel requirements

Requirements for the Work and Travel program candidate


Most of the sponsors will require participants to be between 18 and 30 years old. That is the most common age for the students. Although, the regulations don’t explicitly say anything about setting the upper limit on the age of 30. Some sponsors might allow students older than 30 to participate in the Work and Travel Program. 

Please remember, if you are outside of the limits, you might have to prove in the embassy, that your status is not fake, that you are real student, that for some reason is studying outside of the regular age. 

Student status 

“Post-secondary school students enrolled in and actively pursuing a degree or other full-time course of study at an accredited classroom-based, a post-secondary educational institution outside the United States” – information from the government website.

  • Finish at least one semester 

You have to accomplish at least one semester. That will prove that you are actively attending the school. 

  • Type of schools 

The Work and Travel Program excludes some types of schools and may vary from region to region. Also, vocational schools, e-learning, etc. are excluded from the program. 

In some countries, you can qualify if you are attending post-grad studies. Some details apply to different regions of the world. 

English skills level 

You have to be able to live and work in an English speaking environment for a period of a program. Not only you have to understand English but also have to be able to communicate with others. 

Job offer

The job offer is crucial for the sponsor to issue DS2019 for you. Job Offer is also necessary for you to successfully take part in the Work and Travel Program. 

Clean criminal record

When you fill out the visa application, you have to inform about your criminal record. That means that you might have problems obtaining a visa if your criminal record is not clean. 

Drug tests 

Drugs are bad. Period. Some employers require a drug test. Failing the test means that you can’t be hired. As you can imagine it will harm your Work and Travel experience. Secondly, in the visa application, you also fill out the information about drugs. The best idea is to stay out of this game. 

Pocket money 

Oh, money! Before you get your first paycheck, you have to support yourself! Please don’t be a wise guy and leave without a proper amount of money to the USA, as this might cause unpleasant situations and discomfort! 

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