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Work and Travel is an edcultural exchane program addressed to students from all over the world.The main goal of it is to learn about American culture and traditions, as well as improve language skills. Participants of the program also have an opportunity to work. This is the most important difference between Work and Travel and other educational programs. Each year about ten thousand polish students go to the USA with Work and Travel. This makes the program the most popular in Poland. “Work and Travel changed my life completely. It enabled me to expand my horizons and to meet people from all over the world. My biggest wish came true and I saw The Grand Canyon in Colorado” – says one of the participants of the program. With Work and Travel each participant can spend up to 4 months in the USA working legally, visiting the most interesting places in the country and fulfilling their AMERICAN DREAM. To organize the program, The West Choice cooperates with the American organization Greenheart Exchange – this is an American sponsor of the program. Designated by the US Department of State, Greenheart issues students the DS2019 document which is a prerequisite for obtaining a J1 visa allowing legal employment in the US. Hershey Entertainment and Resort is our the best employer. Hershey it is the sweetest place on Earth because there is one of the bigest chocolate factory in whole world. We cooperate with Hershey Lodge, The Hotel Hershey and Hershey Park.
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Lublin, ul. Lipowa 10/1
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Anastasiya Ivanova, regional representative in Wrocław / Iga Czopek, regional representative in Lublin